Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get Right - Days 3, 2, & 1

i hate blogs. i'm behind.

SLEEP: 8 hours - i love sleep

7AM: banana

1130AM: pb&j sandwich on country potato bread (it's all we have at the moment), glass of organic chocolate soy milk

420PM: short ribs & rice (leftovers from last night), water, handful of almonds

745PM-ish: beef jerky, fruit & nut bar, honey nut cheerios (no milk, i was in the car)

940PM-ish: rice w/ some vegetable stuff in oyster sauce my mom made (snow peas, shrimp, onions, mushrooms, & some unknown green vegetable that she just called "vegetable"), water

tabata everything! or nada - push-ups, walking lunges, dips, jumping jacks, & squats.
4, 7, 12, 18, 7 = 48

leapfrog race!

i'm pooped.


catch up...
Day 2
SLEEP: 7 hours

Breakfast: fruit & nut bar, honey nut cheerios (no milk because we're out)

Snack: chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, almonds

Lunch: steak, water

Snack: 2 hard boiled eggs (before crossfit), beef jerkey (after crossfit), water

Dinner: short ribs, steamed broccoli, & rice, water

5 reps of 12 db thrusters (10lbs.) & 21 broad jumps for time
time - 10:37


Day 1
SLEEP (night before): i forgot

why can't i remember?
Dinner: nilaga & rice, water

50-30-10 reps of dips & walking lunges for time
time - 5:52


6-Week "GET RIGHT FOR SUMMER" Challenge
The guidelines: (from the Foundation CrossFit website)
  1. Participants must log info into a journal either on paper or online - Blogger, the FCF log on the CrossFit Message Boards, the wall for this event, etc. giving Andrew access so he can check up on it (c) Beyonce.
  2. Participants must exercise (workout) 4-6 times a week. CrossFit workouts.
  3. Participants must eat well (Zone and/or Paleo) 4-6 times a week.
  4. Participants must limit sugar, alcohol, grain intake to weekends only. Weekends = Saturday and Sunday.
  5. Participants must start with a "Before" picture and some other info, that will not be shared with anyone. "After" pictures will be taken June 1st. This information will be shared with and ONLY WITH your permission.
  6. You must "signup" with Andrew to be recognized as a participant.
that's right...i'm working out now.


  1. i made myself a pb&j sandwich, and i tasted something funny. it was mold. it's a tiny, tiny amount, but i'm hella sensitive to mold so i know.