Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Right - Day 4

SLEEP: 7 hours

650AM: banana

820AM: fruit & nut bar

1030AM: bowl of honey nut cheerios w/ 2% milk

100PM: last night's leftovers - rice w/ the vegetable stuff my mom made, handful of almonds, water

245PM: about a handful of Loaded Baked Potato Pringles (only because i was at my cousins' old house, which they're completely remodeling, so all they brought was junk food & i was hungry)

515PM: rotisserie chicken w/ rice (shoot, rice again), almonds, water

800PM: string cheese

1050PM: pb&j sandwich on country potato bread, steamed broccoli, almonds, water

as many db swings you can do in 7 minutes
154, 15lbs.

Team Awesome vs. Team Badass - everyone gets into plank position & 1 person from each team sprints from the pool to the cherry blossom tree & back, tags the next person, & gets back into plank position. first team to have everyone go wins.
Team Badass - 3:48

jason ate my peaches. rude!