Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Right - Day 18

SLEEP: 8 hours, plus 2 interrupted 10 & 30 min naps

1045AM: some cashews

1100AM: 2 hard boiled eggs, hot green tea macha blend

1230PM: some cashews, water

240PM: some beef jerky

330PM: an orange

340PM: rotiserrie chicken, some steamed bok choy, some almonds

530PM: handful of almonds, water

920PM: a few pieces of pineapple, a bite of gross plain lucerne yogurt, some delicious honey flavored greek yogurt, some cashews

1130PM: some vegetables (string beans & bok choy) from the sinigang pot

tabata squats, one-arm db push press (15 lbs), tuck jumps, push-ups, & kettlebell swings (16 kg)
10, 10, 7, 8, 9 = 34

not much of an appetite today.

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