Saturday, May 9, 2009

Get Right - Day 20

SLEEP: 7 hours

900AM: spinach, mushroom, & cheese omelette w/ ketchup, 10 oz bottle of sunny d

1150AM: some funyuns

200PM-1130PM: an apple, 1 pb&j sandwich, a turkey wrap thing, some funyuns, some fuze peach mango drink, a cheeseburger, a mcchicken, some fries, some almonds, some wired energy drink, cascade ice blueberry watermelon drink, fuze black & green tea mix drink, some other energy fuze mango something drink

relay for life - walking around the track a bunch of times, up & down the bleachers a few times, soccer, football

relay for life was fun. i thought the luminaria ceremony was amazing.

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