Sunday, May 10, 2009

Get Right - Day 21

SLEEP: about 2 hours, but i kept waking up because of the noise & the uncomfortable turf, plus a 4 hour nap after relay for life & another 4 hour nap a little after lunch

1230AM: 4 pieces of hot zone hot wings w/ ranch, some barq's root beer, some fuze black & green tea mix

700AM: half a blueberry muffin

100PM: 2 eggrolls w/ sauce, some low carb fuze drangonfruit lime drink, bbq'd steak & rice, asparagus, a strawberry, a piece of mango, a piece of cantaloupe

700PM: bbq'd chicken & rice, asparagus, a strawberry, fuze peach mango drink, some strawberry mango cantaloupe shake w/ 2% milk, some orange strawberry mango shake w/ 2% milk

rest day

i'm so tired even after my long naps.

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