Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get Right - Day 39

can't make it to the workout tonight. i hate missing them!! makes me feel incomplete.

SLEEP: 8 hours

1020AM: some almonds

1115AM: an orange

115PM: v8 splash fruit medley juice

145PM: salad w/ cheese & honey mustard dressing, 2 hard boiled eggs, v8 splash fruit medley juice

400PM: a pb&j sandwich on whole wheat bread, a glass of 2% milk

730PM: taco salad w/ italian dressing, a little bit of chicken pad thai, a little bit of steak, a piece of orange chicken w/o the sauce (i heard it was gross), water

1030PM: taco salad w/ italian dressing, water

1130PM: a piece of raw broccoli


i missed the workout 2 days in a row. that sucks. i really wanted to workout today, but i got home late. that really sucks. i'm determined to do angie before the 6 weeks is up.

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