Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get Right - Day 38

SLEEP: 8 hours, plus a 2.5 hour nap (because of the allergy meds)

915AM: peaches & cottage cheese

1220PM: 2 turons, a few cashews, 2 hard boiled eggs

315PM: 1 turon, peaches & cottage cheese

400PM: 4 strips of bacon, an egg (sunny side up w/ a hard yolk), water

600PM: a low fat s'mores granola bar, water

930PM: some cucumbers, almonds, water

1130PM: some eggplant & egg stuff w/ a little bit of rice, an asian pear, water

100 burpees for time
time - 13:45

last time i did this workout i got 18:15. i beat that time by a whopping 5:30. now that's progress.

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