Friday, May 8, 2009

Get Right - Day 19

SLEEP: 9 hours

1030AM: pb&j sandwich on whole wheat bread, hot green tea macha blend

130PM: some cashews, water

245PM: some vegetables (string beans & bok choy) from the sinigang pot again

300PM: 2 hard boiled eggs, some honey flavored greek yogurt, water

530PM: chicken, rice, water

800PM: handful of mixed nuts, water

1130PM: 1 pork asado siopao, 1 hopia, some cocoa roast almonds, glass of skim milk

5 rounds of 15 burpees on the dock & run/sprint up & down the bleachers for time

time - 16:55

we made up our own. we're geniuses!
burpees on a moving dock...even more genius!
and good thing we decided to run up & down once instead of twice in each round!

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