Saturday, May 23, 2009

Get Right - Day 34

SLEEP: 6 hours, plus a 2 hour nap

600AM: slice of pepperoni pizza

830AM: 8 oz drip coffee w/ 2 packets of cream, 2 packets of sugar, & some half & half milk

950AM: some hot green tea

1030AM: 8 oz drip coffee (w/ same stuff as before)

100PM: low fat s'mores granola bar, water

345PM: almonds, water, banana chips

600PM: slice of pepperoni pizza & combo pizza, water

800PM: some seafood chow mein, fried rice, broccoli, water

1000PM: seafood chow mein, fried rice, beef w/ broccoli, 2 ginger snap cookies, a chocolate ice cream popsicle thing, water

rest day, but threw the football around for a bit.

i hate working really early.

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