Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Right - Day 30

SLEEP: 4 hours, plus a 3 hour nap

1130AM: a banana, some almonds, 2 hard boiled eggs, water

400PM: 2 strips of bacon, an apple

530PM: some banana chips, beef jerky, water

600PM: some almonds, water

830PM: some almonds, water

945PM: rotiserrie chicken, steamed broccoli, fuze black & green tea

strength - dead lift: 5-5-5 (60 kg)

met con - "21" for time:
20 pushups, 1 sit up
19 pushups, 2 sit ups
18 pushups, 3 sit ups
2 pushups, 19 sit ups
1 pushup, 20 sit ups
time - 28:44

my time increased by 2:43, which really sucks. it might be because i was doing butterfly situps (which for me, are harder to do) this time around & last time i was doing regular situps (knees in front). or maybe it was because i was tired. the time increase still sucks no matter what the reason is. the pushups weren't as bad as i thought they'd be, but the situps were killing me towards the end.

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