Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Right - Day 28

SLEEP: 8.5 hours

1100AM: 1 sunny side up egg & a little bit of boneless short ribs (i think. they were too thin to be steaks. i obviously don't know my meats)

120PM: 1 sunny side up egg, a little bit of rice, some short ribs, water

400PM: water & a little bit of vitamin water

600PM: 24 oz protein berry workout w/ soy & a daily vitamin boost from jamba juice, a chocolate caramel truffle from fran's

1000PM: 2 sunny side up eggs & some short ribs w/ rice, water (geeze, i ate the same thing all day!!)


what a nice day for football. it was really hot, but it was a lot of fun! good turn out too.

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